I frequently get asked about what travel resources and apps I use for travel hacking or as a digital nomad (or not!). I trust those resources and apps when I’m traveling for buying plane, train or bus tickets, book rooms in hotels, appartments or hostels and to get around.

My travels wouldn’t be the same without those travel apps & resources!



Simply the flight search engine where I’ve gotten the best deals over time. It’s the starting point for all my cheap flights search.

Google Flights

It’s simply one of the best flights search engines out there. You can play with dates to find the best prices.


Hopper is a mobile app powered by machine learning that tells you when is the right time to buy with push notifications.


This website allows you to compare and book airport lounges easily. Quite a life saver when you are lost between many lounge choices abroad.



I must have booked more than 100 nights with Booking.com by now. It’s simply the easiest booking process and app out there. Awesome selection & effective filters will help you chose the best option. You can apply don’t have to pay in advance and you get rewards along the way!


A great alternative to hotels/hostels is to sublet an appartment or room to live like a local and why not outside the touristy areas. (If you’re new to Airbnb, get $35 off your first stay



It’s ridiculous the number of times Uber saved my ass when traveling. Not only does it avoids you using local currency (think airport to hotel) but it works everywhere with your same account and credit card. You can even order rides and share costs!

Google Maps

Where to begin… If I could only one app when traveling it would be Google Maps. You can save maps for offline usage, it gives you itineraries (by car, transportation, walk or bike) and allows you to save places as favorites, starred or to visit. Pictures and reviews are also really useful.

Transit App

Transit is a mobile app that lets you find the best transit itinerary between a mix of transportation, taxi, bikeshare, carshare. It works in 125 cities worldwide. Once you’ve chosen your perefered option, it’ll send you updates and tips like when to leave.



This website gives you all options for getting from point A to point B ordered by price and length. Quite a life-changer when planning mid- to long-distance itineraries.


Busbud is a great way to find, compare and buy bus tickets when traveling in North America, South America and Europe, especially if you’re not sure what companies are trustworthy.


Blablacar is my go-to ride-sharing resource in Europe (also available in India, Russia Mexico and Brasil). It’s a cheaper and faster alternative than bus tickets and usually allows you to meet great people.


Trip Advisor

Finding out what to visit or to do in a new city can be quite overwhelming. I use Trip Advisor as a first step when deciding what I must see or do anywhere I go. Their filtering options, rankings and reviews are just priceless!


If you travel alone like I tend to do, the road can get lonely (especially for digital nomads). Luckily for us, Meetup or Eventbrite make finding local gathering pretty easy, no matter what your interests are.


Google Translate

Talking about life-savers. Anyone travelling off the beaten path will find people who don’t speak English. Google Translate allows you to download languages to translate words and sentences offline. If you have internet you can even talk in your language and have it vocally translated to the other person’s language instantly!


Learning a language if often the best way to learn a new culture. Duolingo is a language teaching app and website that takes you by the hand to help you learn foreign languages. Its very friendly mascot and gamified interface can make wonders, I’ve seen it!


TunnelBear VPN

When you’re traveling (and even at home), your unencrypted data is compromised when you use public wifis (airports, cafés, etc.). They also allow to browse from other locations to access restricted content. TunnelBear is the easiest VPN I’ve come accross and available for every platform.

XE Currency Convertor

Finding it hard juggling between multiple currencies? XE’s app allows you to save multiple currencies and convert amounts between all of them, even offline.

World Time Buddy

It’s easy to get lost between timezones when you’re traveling. World Time Buddy fixes just that. It allows you to see what time it is in multiple time zones, put one under another.


NOTE: Some of the links below are affiliate links which means that if you purchase something, I’ll get a small comission (at no extra cost for you). It’s a great way to encourage my blog and remember, I only recommend tools I have used and loved!

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